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Industrial Buildings

Industrial canopies

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PVC fabric industrial canopies are easy and fast solutions for the construction of long-lasting and safe covered structures. This type of temporary building may serve different applications, for example, in those circumstances in which the loading and unloading operations need to be protected. Maintenance and upkeeping are fairly minimal.

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Fabric covered canopies – manufacturing

Industrial canopies are manufactured with strong and durable galvanized steel and PVC fabric.

The steel material is used for the supporting structure and for the guide rails, ensuring safety.

When the canopies are placed next to a preexisting building, the structure is provided with a connector that links gutters pipes and bends in order to allow the water flow without compromising the integrity of the temporary building.

The standard form of the industrial canopies includes a gable roof, but also the single slope roof version is available with a coverage profile.

Moreover, the customer can select the opening/closing mechanism that perfectly meets the requirements. More precisely, there are different closing methods:

  1. Through fixed PVC fabric panels
  2. Through manual sliding curtains
  3. Through roll-up doors
  4. Through fold-up doors

Pvc canopies – application areas

These sliding industrial canopies turn out to be helpful for several purposes in many fields, including industrial, shipbuilding, agriculture and commercial sectors. Besides these primary activities, also sports clubs can take advantage of PVC canopies, requiring a temporary sheltered space for sports competitions.

Sliding canopies are helpful to:

  • Expand the sheltered space. In this particular case, the canopy can be installed away from the main building as an additional element or next to the building to expand a specific department;
  • Protect delivery vehicles or working equipment;
  • Protect the raw materials or the incoming goods before being processed;
  • Separate the waste generated during the production process from other garbage, which may prove to be harmful to health;
  • Maintenance works. In such cases, the canopy could be closed laterally working as a workshop;
  • Protect animals and crops in agriculture and farming;
  • Build an exhibition stand for commercial events and trade fairs;

Shelter operators who work in the warehouse during the loading and unloading activities. In this case, the canopy functions as a protection from harsh weather conditions.

Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Design EN 1990-1999 (Eurocodes) D.M. 17.01.2018 Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni-NTC
Size Depending on the project
Roof PVC fabric
Flushing Optional gutter
Side walls No
Front walls No
Windows Translucent or crystal PVC
Access Made through steel frames
Fixing On the ground through anchor bolts

Why choose a pvc temporary canopy for your business?

This type of fabric-covered structure offers several advantages, and its mounting process is fast (generally between 30-60 days). In some countries it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing temporary buildings; for further information please refer to local rules.

Furthermore, the building could benefit from overall flexibility resulting in its easy handling. So it could be moved according to the company’s need and closed whenever it is necessary.

The canopies are highly customizable and designed in agreement with the customer demand, allowing the building to fit even into the narrowest spaces. For the canopy full functionality, some accessories are available, such as internal elements and lighting.

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