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Temporary buildings are conceived to expand the available sheltered spaces of a company. Made of steel and PVC fabric, temporary warehouses are a valuable option to enlarge areas dedicated for production and logistics and serve several other practical purposes.

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General features of temporary buildings

Giesse temporary buildings are manufactured according to national and European rules of procedures and bear the CE mark in compliance with the Standard UNI EN 1090-1.

A temporary structure can be designed and manufactured according to specific business requirements. In particular, customer can choose the opening and closing mechanism – which could be retractile or sliding – and decide whether to install extra accessories such as speed doors, curtains or lighting.

Qualities of temporary buildings

Temporary buildings are of galvanized steel with roof and wall cladding, always made of PVC material. Front and back ends can remain open to allow the transfer of employees and working equipment thanks to practical closing systems such as sliding curtains, flexible speed doors, anchoring devices or permanent PVC curtain walls.

The PVC sheet, provided with anchoring devices and Velcro, is durable, strong and weather-resistant able to withstand high and low temperatures thanks to the high-frequency welding technology.

The sliding doors slide sideways on wheels running on a set of rails with an anti-derailment device, subjected to specific lubricating oil treatments to assist opening and closing operations.

According to each requirement, wheel guides can be installed on a concrete base through mechanical and chemical anchors or fixed on easily removable prefabricated modular curbs.

Why install temporary buildings: all the advantages

The extension of the production space through temporary buildings brings several benefits to businesses. First of all, the structure can be handled, expanded and split easily.

Temporary building structures can be custom-designed. Also,  it is possible to choose the opening/closing system as well as the roof depending on the geographical features of the place of installation. The customization is maximized not only through a variety of colors options but also through substantial changes connected to anti-condensation treatment and insulation. For the latter, it is possible to apply insulated sandwich panels instead of PVC curtain and much more.

There is plenty of temporary structures applications. These buildings turn out to be helpful not only to expand the production department but also to support agriculture, sports and emergencies.

Temporary buildings – application areas

Temporary buildings serve several purposes. In particular, the structure provides additional sheltered production space, increasing the productivity of a department.

Temporary buildings are suitable for those activities that rely on seasonal productions. Due to the uneven output of products during the year, this type of businesses demand additional space for goods and raw materials storage.

The main advantage of a temporary building it is its easy and quick installation. In some countries, it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing temporary buildings; for further information please refer to local rules.

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