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Giesse Logistics industrial buildings provide extreme support to businesses by offering additional sheltered space for safe operations. A wide range of industrial buildings, with several made-to-measure options, is available to meet all the requirements.

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Industrial buildings: the right solution for each sector

Giesse industrial buildings are designed to satisfy individual necessities through a selection of insulated constructions or PVC buildings. The latter enables the customer to choose sizes and colors of the covering to perfectly match the pre-existing block.

Giesse offers both roll-up and fold-up closing systems. Their customization in size and shape enables the door to fit almost any application. Each company can choose the door that is most suitable for their working environment. For example, for farming, it is advisable to opt for arched or straight-legged tunnels.

Types of industrial buildings: steel buildings

Sheet metal buildings are self-supporting structures whose sidewalls and roof come with a coated or corrugated galvanized sheet. Sheet metal structures take shape thanks to a galvanized steel backbone with bolted joints and a coated or corrugated galvanized sheet covering, as for the side and front walls.

The structure is provided with press-bended sheet metal pipes and bends for guttering as well as windows and skylights in translucent polycarbonate.

These structures in galvanized steel with bolted joints and insulated sandwich panels ensure good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Sheet metal buildings are functional for:

  1. Goods storage, thus operating as a repository within industrial sites. The end-user is asked to choose the building’s dimensions, but also some additional accessories such as speed doors, gable or single slope roof, internal walls or lighting are available.
  2. Insulated constructions may serve multiple purposes thanks to the acoustic and thermal insulation provided by the sandwich panels. The proper temperature maintenance results in sensitive products protection, whereas soundproofing allows even the loudest working operations.

Industrial buildings – fields of use

Industrial buildings can operate in many fields thanks to their extreme versatility. Among all the industrial buildings, PVC covering structures shall be mentioned, because of their functions in two main sectors:

  • Sports and leisure. Useful as a roof for paddle courts, as for those sports centers that need to keep the space at a constant temperature.
  • Farming and agri-food. Industrial buildings are the ideal solution for protecting products and equipment used in agriculture and farming. They also function as storage for raw materials, fodder, crops and herds.

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