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Telescopic lip dock leveler

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Useful to facilitate loading and unloading operations, telescopic lip dock levelers by Giesse are particularly suitable when the vehicle finds it difficult to dock and connect to the warehouse. At the same time, this type of dock leveler is extremely useful during unloading operations when the bed of the truck is entirely occupied by the cargo. The extendable telescopic lip allows the product to be used in many logistic operations.

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This type of loading dock is suitable for many applications in different fields. They are extremely useful for industries due to their capacity to withstand high load and extensive use. Large scale distribution centers may require this type of product as they are very often involved in challenging unloading operations, especially when the cargo occupies the entire floor of the vehicle, resulting in limited space for unloading procedures.

As far as the lips are concerned, they ensure assistance to those logistic operations that require the use of a forklift. The slanted platform promotes an easy transit of working equipment to and from the truck bed. In general, the lips mounted on the dock leveler are helpful for those sectors that handle large quantities of goods on a daily basis.

Main features of the telescopic lip dock leveler

Telescopic lip loading docks are designed and manufactured in compliance with the current regulations defining load application methods as well as other instructions about the machine’s home position. The platform is able to support heavy loads, and for this reason, it is also used in those sectors that regularly deal with heavy goods and use forklifts or other electric and/or manual vehicles. The dynamic capacity is 6,000 kg.

The lips are manufactured using recent technologies and robotic tools that increase the reliability and efficiency of the product and guarantee greater safety in all operations. The lip is secured by means of a wall frame.

As far as technical characteristics are concerned, the telescopic lip provides an extension ranging from 500 to 1000 millimeters to allow full use. The large surface of the structure allows workers to lean against the truck body without the need for other temporary solution.

Other outstanding features include a raising and lowering mechanism that allows the platform and lip to operate independently. In addition, the leveler is equipped with a special automatic button that allows the platform to return to its rest position without any external assistance.

Sizes 2000 X 2500 mm / 2000 X 3000 mm
Capacity 6000 Kg - UNI EN 1398
Lip Telescopic 500 / 1000 mm
Fixing With frame in the concrete
Safety Following European regulation

Why use the telescopic lip dock leveler

Telescopic levelers are the best solution when you need a connection between a mobile surface and a stationay one, such as the truck box and the warehouse.

Thanks to the dock leveler there will be no need for personnel to physically unload the material. Indeed, operators will be able to carry out all the loading and unloading procedures just by using forklift trucks or similar equipment.

The loading platform, thanks to its small dimensions, can be employed in many activities and warehouses and may also be fitted in those commercial premises where space is tight or limited.

Because of the customizing options, the end-user can select the size of the structure according to the needs and use. The customer will enjoy many advantages when using the dock leveler both in terms of maximum automation of the product (which requires no external assistance) and greater ease in storage operations, allowing a faster workflow as well as efficiency. Goods can be stored quickly and handled according to the instructions.

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