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Hinge/swing dock levelers

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LEVEL ROTO® is a newly-designed dock leveler that ensures the highest possible degree of safety for its users. The dock leveler provides the operators with a series of advantages; they may benefit from the loading dock easy operation, adaptability to all loading and unloading procedures and top-quality materials. The platforms are the key elements of a loading bay, together with isothermal dock shelters and industrial doors. Automation in the manufacturing process avoids the risk of human error and creates a useful, functional and always reliable working tool.

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Hydraulic hinge lip leveler – application areas

The hydraulic dock leveler equipped with a front barrier has been conceived to ensure the safety of the personnel involved. Through an accurate design process, the loading dock leveler is capable of optimizing even extreme loading performance still maintaining its original appearance.

The hinge or swing lip dock leveler is particularly suitable for many sectors, for example:

  • Industrial sector: the industrial field is characterized by a steady flow of goods and each company should take measures for facilitating the logistic process and reducing operation time.
  • Commercial Sector
  • Food&Beverage and Agri-food sector

More generally, the dock leveler with flexible lip may fit almost any situation that requires valuable support during the storage operations.

Technical characteristics

Level Roto® is the new dock leveler with a flexible lip designed to load and unload any types of delivery vehicles. Thanks to the acquired experience within the logistic industry, Level Roto® is considered a new concept due to its intrinsically innovative characteristics.

It is a product that expresses excellence in each detail and provides assistance even with intensive use. Top-of-the-range materials make the product adaptable to almost any environment and area because of its capacity of withstanding harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snowfall, strong wind and sun.

When the lip of the Level Roto® is in vertical rest position, it provides drop-off protection from vacant loading docks. Level Roto® is supplied with standard Giesse Jumbo bumpers to ensure the safe transfer of personnel and materials between the trucks and the loading dock.

Level Roto® comes with its own formwork and can be installed immediately thus saving costly construction works. The forks of the lift truck can be easily inserted into Level Roto® both laterally and frontally, resulting in easy handling.

The 5-degree slope tapered front lip is unique in its kind and format within logistics. A single item suitable for any types of delivery vehicle, finally able to dock and connect easily with the building.

The hinge lip is specifically designed to prevent the storage of dust and dirt that may affect the smooth functioning of the flexible lip itself.

The hinged barrier is manufactured in embossed sheet. The material is selected in compliance with the Standard UNI EN1398 that specifies the safety requirements.

Sizes 2000 X 2500 mm
Capacity 6000 Kg - UNI EN 1398
Frontal lip Hinged to the platform. Length 690 mm Slope + 7° (+ 300 mm), - 7° (- 430 mm) Shape reduced to W 1400 mm 5° Inclined Fall protection H 250 mm
Platform Rear hinges and embossed sheet metal covering
Installation Cast formwork
Safety UNI EN 1398


The main function of the dock leveler is to promote the safe and easy handling of goods, especially with products that are sensitive or susceptible, if exposed to particular stress.

The hinge lip leveler is a low maintenance solution. Actually, it does not require technical assistance since the end-user is able to monitor the machine conditions.

The product meets space-saving needs. When the platform is closed, it does not take up the available floor space because it functions as the extension of the floor itself.

The loading dock leveler, thanks to its versatility and quick installation, is extremely flexible and fits almost any application. No construction work is required.

The platform is provided with a flexible hinged lip with anti-fall barrier, representing an absolute innovation in the field; moreover, additional front flaps creating a direct connection with the warehouse are available according to each customer needs.

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