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High Speed Doors

Supermarket doors

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Supermarket and large-scale distribution may demand practical and efficient industrial high-speed doors. Giesse innovative closing systems facilitate and support the transit of goods and personnel between departments through durable and fast-acting PVC fabric doors.

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Why choose high speed door for large scale distribution?

Activities related to the food industry may necessitate equipment for controlling the environment where the goods are stored. Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are likely to go to waste if not properly preserved. Therefore, it is helpful to seal the room by means of a high-performance closing solutions that protects and maintains the required environmental conditions .

Besides, large warehouses and supermarkets can take full advantage of the door robustness and reliability. It offers the most efficient and effective dry sealing and thermal insulation and allows efficient management of personnel and goods flows.

This type of high-speed PVC fabric door features an airtight seal and controls air exchange to meet the most strict hygienic requirements. These doors may find application in:

  1. Supermarkets;
  2. Foodservice industry;
  3. Food retailers with refrigeration rooms;
  4. Restaurants.

Roll-up supermarket doors – characteristics

A project of absolute excellence within the full range of high-speed doors, they provide exceptional service. The polyester PVC panel is fire retardant and provides good thermal and acoustic insulation therefore potential wildfires, temperature variations and loud noises can be prevented.

High-speed roll-up doors for food industries, subjected to antioxidant treatments, are powered through high performance motors for speedy opening/closing operations. The electric cables and the motor within the side columns ensure the smooth running of the system since the steel frame provides protection over the motorized mechanism.

There is also a wide selection of colors among which the clients can choose the most suitable one for its application. Products and techniques adopted for the customization of the PVC panels are used in compliance with the European regulation and bear the CE marking.

Operator Lateral
Max clear passage W 6000 X H 5500 mm
Upper beam 350 X 350 mm
Rail Self-supporting, electrical conduits included
Zipper High density polietilen profile
Opening controls Start / Stop push button on board, led flashing blinker
Curtain PVC 1200 gr/sqm
Windows 1 row 1000 X 300 mm each
Safety Light curtains
Speed 1.2 m/s
Installation Inside / outside
Wind resistance Class 2

Advantages of the high-speed door for food industries

The high-speed solution can be successfully adopted even in the food and beverage industry. These strong and durable doors for large-scale distribution and supermarkets feature easy cleaning and maintenance.

The motorized system ensures a fast and safe transit of employees and limits thermal dispersion. Easy to install and versatile, the door may fit in almost any application.

The door can be tailor-made according to the customer requirements in terms of size, color and additional accessories.

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