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Loading Bays

Sectional doors for loading bays

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Sectional doors for loading bays aim at optimizing the manual work of operators in the industrial sector. Nevertheless, this type of door is also useful for private use in the form of garage doors.

Sectional doors are one of the three main elements that constitute the loading point, together with the dock leveler and the dock shelter.

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Application areas of sectional doors

The sectional door is the perfect solution to safely seal your premises and take full advantage of the whole available space because of the vertical sliding motion. Many sectors of the economy can enjoy the service of sectional doors. Some of them are listed below:

  • Industrial sector. For all those companies that demand an airtight seal for their warehouses, buildings and sheds;
  • Agri-food sector. The food supply chain regularly deals with sensitive materials that should be preserved in good condition. So, it is fundamental to select industrial doors equipped with insulating panels to prevent temperature fluctuations that may undermine the integrity of the products, especially during loading and unloading procedures.
  • Other fields. Sectional doors are useful also for other applications. A sectional door by Giesse can easily fit any building, preserving its style and design.

Sectional industrial doors for loading bays are the perfect solution for those activities that necessitate a fast-closing system without specific maintenance work.

Characteristics of industrial sectional doors

The key quality of a sectional door is its vertical opening/closing mechanism, ideal for space optimization and fast operation in many industrial environments characterized by frequent loading and unloading procedures.
Another significant advantage is the lightness of the structure, which promotes fast service and enhances the door’s effectiveness. Both the lightweight material and the thin frame allow the door installation also in narrow spaces.

The closing solutions presented are highly customizable as the end-user may select all the additional elements necessary to maximize the door performance. When the door is completely open, workers may take full advantage of the passageway since it is clutter-free and damages and injuries are limited.

The door frame is made of resistant steel that ensures maximum thermal and acoustic insulation.

Operator Manual or automatic
Max sizes L 6000 X H 5000 mm
Frame Pressed sheet metal
Curtain Insulated panels 40 mm
Shaft Supported by brackets
Motor Lateral
Safety CE 13241
Speed 0.3 m/s
Side of installation Inside
Wind resistence Class 2

Manufacturing and installation of sectional doors

Sectional doors for industrial application are easy and quick to install. According to the each customer requirements, Giesse supplies manual and motorized opening/closing systems and offers several additional elements for  further enhancing the door functionality.

As far as the frame is concerned, it is a galvanized steel structure manufactured in compliance with the existing rules. The coating may be defined together with the client during the design process.

The panels provide the ideal thermal insulation and can withstand winds up to class 2. It is equipped with a safety system which assures a door stop in case of emergency.

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