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Motorized retractable canopies

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In order to grant safe workplace operations and an eco-friendly attitude, it is fundamental to avoid air and soil pollution as well as the dispersion of the waste generated during the production process. In such cases, Giesse Hangar-Cover® motorized canopy is the ideal solution.

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Description the motorized canopies

Electric retractable canopies are structures made of steel and PVC covering, whose main purpose is to prevent soil pollution. Their installation is essential to prevent toxic gas exhalations creating health-related problems.

Motorized canopies

The steel and PVC structures need to be fixed on designated metal platforms or prefabricated concrete walls, thus preventing pollution.

One of the most salient aspects of this solution is the innovative and efficient motor. The canopy could slide manually or by a motor; the latter enables operators to limit the waste proximity. Both the manual and the automatic mechanism is possible using specific elements, such as guide rails, that facilitate the sliding movement other than safety.

Hangar-Cover® provides protection over materials stored in silos and, more generally, in all storage tanks, preventing substances dispersion.

Motorized canopies areas of use

Motorized retractable canopies are conceived for meeting the requirements of those companies that have to deal with dangerous waste from their activities.

The main fields that may benefit from Hangar-Cover® canopies are:

  • Landfills and dumps. Motorized canopies represent a functional and flexible solution for waste material that release polluted substances and toxic exhalations;
  • Industrial sector. Motorized canopies represent the ideal solution for those activities which process raw materials and generate harmful and dangerous waste;
  • In this field, Hangar-cover® can serve as a storage for pesticides and substances used for crops.

Durability of motorized canopies

The quality of the materials ensures the resistance of the structure, able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Both the steel components and the PVC fabric covering are designed to fit any spaces and areas.

The covering durability is such that the canopies manage to hold heavy weights, such as the snow load, without getting damaged. The PVC fabric sheet is able to resist strong winds and ensures the preservation of the sheltered materials.

Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Operator Motorized man present
Design EN 1990-1999 (Eurocodes) D.M. 17.01.2018 Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni-NTC
Size Depending on the project
Roof PVC fabric
Side walls No
Front walls No standard
Access No
Fixing On concrete walls through anchor bolts

Benefits from eco-cover®

Besides the prevention of harmful substances dispersion, Eco-Cover® motorized retractable structure offers a series of advantages listed below:

  1. Quick installation. In some countries it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing temporary buildings; for further information please refer to local rules;
  2. Lower costs compared to those of concrete buildings;
  3. High degree of customization. The end-user may demand a standard or customized solution, depending on the customers’ desire. It is possible to select size and color and decide whether to embed the logo, trademark or slogan in the covering.
  4. Easy maintenance. Thanks to top-quality materials used in manufacturing, costly maintenance are no longer necessary.

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