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High Speed Doors

Large size fold-up doors

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Fabric high speed fold-up door for large openings, or DUAL-BIG® by Giesse, is a good closing solution to withstand severe weather conditions even with intensive use. Equipped with two curtains, the door is manufactured with durable materials that can stand the test of time.

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Vertical lifting fold-up doors – applications areas

Large industrial folding doors serve industries that need to close very large openings. Suitable for many sectors, Dual-Big® could be applied to:

  • Industrial sector and Logistics. Industries deal with a large number of goods and large warehouses. Thus, they require practical and convenient opening systems not to affect the overall functioning of the working environment;
  • Shipyard industry. For the construction of ships, the door manages to seal the large opening of the shipyard;
  • Aircraft hangars.

Large size fold-up doors – manufacturing

The structure of the high-speed folding door is made of galvanized steel and consists of the upper beam and two side columns, whereas the double PVC curtains are treated with specific products against mold.

The double-skin PVC flexible curtain is able to withstand strong winds up to 180 km/h. It works through the lifting of the horizontal trellis, dragged by the belts revolving around the axis and packed at the top.

The DUAL-Big® industrial doors for huge compartments are designed to achieve European Community standards of excellence and safety. Actually, our doors bear the CE mark in full compliance with national and European regulations.

The custom tailoring allows the clients to define sizes and shapes of the structure for fitting even the biggest spaces. Logos, pictures and texts may be printed onto the door panels with a silk-screen painting or digital printing.

Operator Inside the upper rail
Max clear passage W 25000 x H 22000 mm
Upper beam Upper rails in carpentry
Rail Structural profile with restraint system
Opening controls Start / Stop push button
Curtain Double leaf curtain polyester fabric, 900 gr/sqm
Windows No
Safety Integrated in the gearbox
Speed 0,3 m/s
Installation Esternal
Wind resistance Class 4
Belts For double curtain lifting

All the advantages of DUAL-Big® large speed doors

During the design stage, special attention is devoted to the quality of materials, electrical system and safety devices . The door constitutes a Made in Italy innovation for large-scale industrial sites, able to fit also the most insidious environments. It is of extreme importance that the installation is carefully carried out in order not to affect its serviceability and efficiency.

The start/stop push button on board enables the practical and convenient opening systems to operate. The curtain opens and closes through a vertical folding motion, and its fast and safe mechanism is particularly suitable for ships and planes storage and/or parking.

Moreover, Big-Dual high speed doors allow for greater wind resistance, capable of withstanding severe weather conditions wherever they occur. If used in shipyards or as aircraft hangars, the large size fold-up doors protect vehicles and workers from strong winds, heavy rains and snowfalls.

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