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Industrial roller shutters

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Among the most important elements for storage in buildings and warehouses, high-quality industrial roller shutters need to be mentioned, especially in case of sensitive good handling. Giesse roller shutters are the output of advanced technologies combined with top-quality materials, a blend that enables the structure to resist over time while maintaining its functionality even after intensive use.

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Industrial roller shutter – application areas

Thanks to the high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, industrial shutter doors are used in many sectors and buildings.

They are particularly suitable for:

  1. Industry and commerce. In the industrial and commercial sector, it is necessary to take advantage of a warehouse or a building suitable for supporting a continuous and frequent logistic flow;
  2. Food industry and agri-food. A durable easy-to-open roll up shutter door essential in the food and agri-food sector, where insulation is often necessary to safely keep food at the required temperature in warehouses.
  3. Logistics and storage. Industrial shutters are often required because of their resistance to intensive use.

More generally, industrial roll-up shutter doors prove to be one of the best alternatives to close and seal warehouses of every industrial sector.

Industrial roller shutter – the importance of materials

The storage function of a warehouse is maximized when the building is closed with an adequate seal. Companies using warehouses for the loading and unloading of goods must therefore select a door capable of ensuring maximum reliability in compliance with the European standards.

The significant role that an industrial door covers is strictly connected with the quality of its materials. Roller shutters by Giesse are of sheet metal material that confers extreme versatility and resistance to the closing solution, able to fit almost any applications. Shutter curtains are constructed from either traditional steel laths, steel insulated laths or tube and link grilles.

The strength and durability of the materials allow the door to open smoothly. The curtain has a spring unit placed in the headroom that makes the opening and closing extremely easy and light.

The excellent quality of the industrial closing solutions enables the roller shutter to be fitted in many internal and external applications, whatever the climate conditions.

Operator Automatic / Dead man
Elements Single sheet, tubular or insulated
Safety CE 13241
Guides Sheet metal vertical sliding
Shaft Steel structural tube with balancing springs
Installation Inside / Outside

Why choose industrial roller shutter

Selecting a solution with a vertical closing mechanism is essential in many industrial environments, which may now take full advantage not only of the door extreme versatility but also of the excellent quality of the materials.

Giesse manufactures and installs individually made-to-measure roller shutter doors and grilles. A wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, details and finishes are available to design a unique and tailormade solution.

Shape and size are at the discretion of the customer to meet all the requirements. Particular attention should be paid to height and width when designing the closing solution to perfectly seal the opening.

Shutter curtains can be supplied in different color options and can be personalized with special details to reflect the company’s style. All the RAL colors available are subjected to specific processes to prevent corrosion and maintain quality over time.

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