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Industrial canopy for composting

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Industrial canopy for composting


Industrial canopy for composting represents the best solution for all types of waste that require a shelter against bad weather conditions inside ecological areas. Waste management is assigned to specialized companies which dispose of waste, transform it into reusable power or simply give the materials a new life. Waste treatment centres shall have machinery and specific equipment.

In this scenario, Giesse Logistica manufactures some types of coverings that meet the requirements of this sector.

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Coverings for waste storage

Canopies for composting are designated to offer a protection against atmospheric phenomena, such as rain, sun and snow, to organic waste and compostable materials which need to be constantly covered. Waste is collected and then transported through specific logistical vehicles. Once arrived at its destination, waste is stored in different areas, according to the treatments that will be performed.

Organic waste recycling, also known as industrial composting, , produces quality compost, which is a good material to fertilize terrains and it is the best natural fertilizer.

Collection tanks are essential when it comes to storage solid and liquid waste and dangerous substances, pending the next operations. When tanks are located outside, next to the waste recycling systems, it is possible to cover them using steel and PVC coverings.

An example of use of industrial canopies for waste treatment is composting. During the oxidation phase, it is essential to protect waste from bad weather conditions in order to prevent its components and prepare it for the next actions.

A valid alternative to the industrial canopy for composting is the motorized retractable canopy.  Motorized retractable canopies  have a galvanized steel structure and a PVC curtain. Thanks to their special engine, they can open and close when necessary. They can be installed above existing storage areas, for example on precast concrete walls, or on supporting steel structures.


Covering storage

Fields of application of industrial canopies

Canopies for composting are part of the industrial canopies, such as coverings made of hot-dip galvanized steel and PVC, which is an extremely resistant and long-lasting material. Open at all sides, industrial canopies allow the passage of machinery and workers, protecting all materials placed beneath from bad weather conditions. Industrial canopies can be installed through anchor bolts on the concrete ground. According to specific requirements, canopies can be built on precast top layers, too.

Sectors that may take advantage of PVC industrial canopies are endless. Below a general overview:

  • Industrial sector: canopies create new covered areas between existing buildings, next to plants or in new independent areas. Thanks to their structure, made of supporting pillars, it is possible to easily transit with vehicles. On request, sides can be closed by means of PVC curtains. Canopies are useful when it comes to build new storage areas or to facilitate logistics operations under a sheltered space.
  • Commercial sector: having a sheltered space next to commercial buildings allows to create multipurpose warehouses, suitable for storing goods and machinery.
  • Composting and waste treatment sector: a canopy for storing waste offers a valid cover for all the substances that need to stay outdoors but at the same time have to be protected from rain and snow.
  • Agricultural and zootechnical sector: agricultural canopies are the best solution for sheltering animals, seeds, crops, farm equipment and machinery.
  • Nautical sector: industrial canopies are often used as covered spaces for shipyards. This type of covering allows to build yacht or boots safely. It is also an optimal solution for storing equipment and machinery. If necessary, the canopy can be closed on all sides thanks to sliding curtains and fixed side panels.
  • Sports sector: tennis and paddle courts can be covered by sports canopies, so that it is possible to practice sports throughout the year.

Coverings for waste storage

Industrial canopies prices

The price of an industrial canopy depends on many factors, but the field of use does not affect the cost. Instead, the dimensions of the covering affect the final sales price: the larger the size, the higher the final cost.

I trattamenti ai quali viene sottoposto il materiale utilizzato per la costruzione è nuovamente un elemento caratterizzante: l’acciaio quando viene zincato a caldo acquisisce un grado di resistenza superiore, divenendo inattaccabile da qualsiasi agente atmosferico. Inoltre lo zinco funge da barriera protettiva nei confronti del ferro, ossidandosi in tempi estremamente più lunghi. Le strutture in acciaio zincato a caldo quindi hanno un costo superiore ma garantiscono una durata di gran lunga maggiore.

The material used for the construction undergoes some treatments and this is another key element: when it is hot-dip galvanized, steel becomes more resistant and can withstand every weather condition. Besides, zinc protects the steel and oxidizes in the longer term. Hot-dip galvanized steel structures are more expensive, but more long-lasting.

To sum up, the price of ad industrial canopy can vary depending on the coating used: it is possible to build steel and PVC, insulated or sheet-metal canopies. Depending on the material, the price can increase or decrease.

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Industrial canopy for composting

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