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High Speed Doors

High speed freezer doors

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It represents an excellent energy-efficient folding door solution for freezers and cold-room applications, particularly suitable for the food and beverage industry. All the PVC industrial doors for cold storage by Giesse are designed to meet the requirements of the refrigeration and preservation industry. The high-quality components that constitute the closing system provide insulation cladding as required by the specific application.

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Door solution for freezer – end-users

Dual-Freezer® folding door is designed for commercial refrigeration industry applications, but it is adaptable to several other sectors due to its versatility. For example:

  • The food industry, in both Large-scale distribution and retail stores
  • Foodservice, such as restaurants, cafeterias and other food retailers with refrigeration rooms.
  • Quick-frozen foodstuffs producers and suppliers
  • All those businesses that require cold-room storage, which may operate in the medical, pharmaceutical and biological field whose cold warehouses serve to materials protection as well as hygienic standards maintenance.

Industrial freezer doors are suitable for many sectors of economy. Its primary purpose is to allow the fast transit of forklifts, goods and equipment between rooms that require environmental control, in terms of temperature and humidity.

Why choose dual-freezer®: excellent performance and characteristics

For all those activities that require controlled temperature storage, high speed cooler doors and freezer doors are a good option as far as both safety and thermal insulation are concerned.

It is not uncommon for some companies to demand separations between areas. We offer a wide range of fold-up freezer door solutions that are fast and easy to install, space-saving and easy to maintain.

Industrial double PVC curtains doors for cold storage rooms constitute a breakthrough innovation for the industrial door manufacturing sector. They are designed specifically for low-temperature holding, necessary to protect the physiological health of products. A division between the curtains in the closed position creates an air space that works as a barrier against temperature variations.

Operator Frontal or lateral
Max clear passage W 5000 x H 4000 mm
Upper beam size 400 x 200 mm
Rail electrical conduits included
Opening controls Start / Stop push button
Curtain Double leaf curtain polyester fabric, 730 gr/m2
Windows No
Safety Light curtains
Speed 0.8 m/s
Installation Inside
Wind resistance Class 0
Belts For double curtain lifting

High speed freezer door components – installation

The materials chosen for the door manufacture enable to design a unique door for every eventuality, also when the application should fit narrow spaces. As for the closing system technology, short open time and tight seal reduce the air transfer resulting in energy savings. Materials, together with advanced technology, provide  the optimal thermal insulation thus reducing condensation and frost.

The door is easy and quick to install, and its mounting does not affect the smooth running of the working operations.

Also, the light curtain system facilitates the transit of operators and goods since it shuts off automatically in case of impact, ensuring maximum safety.

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