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Fabric farm buildings

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Ideal for carrying out many functions, Giesse fabric buildings with straight leg facilitate operations by providing additional covered space for storage. The robust structure can easily withstand severe weather conditions and preserve its strengths in time.

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Functions of fabric agricultural buildings

Straight-legged building for agriculture is considered a winning solution for facilitating the smooth running of operations within the agri-food sector and farming. Extremely versatile, the structure is ideal for working as livestock building, perfect for cattle or agricultural usage. Also, it can withstand accidental impacts and  severe weather conditions.

Agriculture and livestock buildings can be successfully employed as:

  1. Covers for crops. Protection of crops from severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall and hail.
  2. Machine tool storage
  3. Work equipment storage
  4. Temporary stables
  5. Hay and crop protection

A blending of PVC fabric and a rigid steel frame creates maximum versatility and ensures perfect protection.

Characteristics of agricultural buildings

Tensile structures for agriculture are developed by following the customer instructions, selecting the most convenient size and shape according to individual requirements. The galvanized steel frame is provided with bolted joints, whereas the roof and the side walls are made of coated double side PVC polyester fabric.

The PVC fabric, subjected to fireproof treatments, minimizes the risk of wildfires. The PVC material is so resistant that it can withstand bad weather and high loads.

The structure anchoring occurs in different ways:

  • Through specific anchor bolts
  • Placed on concrete curbs
  • Fixed on concrete walls

Agriculture tensile structures are highly customizable. The customer can choose the type of sidewalls (removable or permanent) as well as the roof frame.

Also, PVC fabric buildings can be equipped with wheels that slide on guide rails, ensuring easy handling.

Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Design UNI EN 13031-"Greenhouses: design and construction"
Size Variabile da Depending on the project
Roof PVC fabric
Side walls PVC or corrugated sheet / sandwich panels
Front walls Fixed or sliding curtain or speed doors
Access No
Fixing On concrete walls, on the ground by holding bolts or on prefabricated supports

Advantages of fabric farm buildings

Agricultural fabric buildings are ideal for hay, straw bales, forage, crops and work equipment storage. The versatility and durability of the structures are just some of the advantages from which the end-users may benefit:

  • Cost savings. Agriculture PVC fabric building is an affordable solution. Its installation is quicker and easier if compared to concrete and prefabricated constructions. In some countries, it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing fabric buildings. For further information, please refer to local rules.
  • Great versatility: the modular nature of this solution allows easy removal.
  • Quick installation: The building takes shape in a relatively short time, 30 to 60 days.
  • Customization: Besides dimensions, the end-users can select from a range of extra accessories, such as lighting and other elements.

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