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Fabric Agricultural Buildings

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Fabric Agricultural Buildings


Agricultural buildings by Giesse Logistica are suitable for covering spaces of various sizes. They can be manufactured according to the specific customer requirements, so they are highly customizable.

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Agricultural buildings are manufactured with high quality materials and suitable for many types of use, including agricultural and livestock sector.
These structures can be used for storage of materials, machinery, forages and crops, for cattle breeding or as a stable.


Agricultural buildings: permits.

One of the advantages to buy an agricultural building is that no particular building permits are required.

Concerning the timing, it is important to remember that these agricultural structures could have different sizes but always have a supporting steel structure and a high-quality PVC curtain. . Therefore, the assembly process is carried out in a short time and, thanks to the versatility of the curtain, it is possible to install these structures both on flat surfaces and rough terrain.


coperture agricole

Livestock facility

Agricultural PVC buildings are suitable for farms. These structures ensure maximum safety and are used as livestock farms and boxes for horses or to build henhouses, stables, livestock farms.

Steel and PVC structures are the best solution to protect livestock because they can be manufactured according to the specific customer needs. For this reason, it is possible to install a structure for cattle which is bigger than a henhouse, open at the sides and allowing air circulation. Agricultural shelters for cattle and goats can be closed at the sides depending on the season, ensuring the right temperature throughout the year

They can also be used as horse stables.

These zootechnical structures are specifically suitable for protecting livestock for some reasons. Firstly, they can be installed very quickly. It is possible to install big PVC coverings or arched buildings, used as feeders for livestock or shelters for laying hens and rabbits.

Another significant advantage is that they do not require specific maintenance works. Besides, they ensure optimal hygiene for the animals and allow to maintain high production standards.

Stables are functional and modern because the animal welfare is essential.

Agricultural buildings are well-suited also for pig farming, which need to live in healthy conditions in order to ensure the best quality in the production. Particularly, it is possible to install special structures which might take into account other factors, including animals’ needs of water and food, their weight and intended use (for fattening or for industries).


Hay storage buildings

Steel and PVC structures are well-suited for hay storage.
Thanks to their customization, these buildings are perfectly suited to fodder storage, especially in small farmhouses.

Hay storage buildings are suitable for companies that use telescopic handlers for the production, since it is possible to install the structures in the production area.

The quality of the steel used for the frame and the PVC curtain allow to keep the hay dry and protect it from bad weather conditions.
Hay will not be attacked by external agents which may rot the product, since the internal environment is always ventilated and dry.

In the case of a ground without coating, our curtains are provided with precast supports in order to avoid masonry; they can be placed in different areas.

Agricultural buildings for tractors

Agricultural buildings can be used as tool shed or tractors storage.Fr
Particularly, working machinery used for the movement of hay round bales can be easily protected from wind and other atmospheric phenomena. Based on the size and quantity of the tractors, it is possible to place fodder harvesters inside the structure too. In this way, you can speed up work and improve production processes.

PVC curtains are extremely suitable for all types of use, both in agricultural and zootechnical field. Particularly, the steel structure is treated with specific products that protect the curtain against rust. PVC curtain is resistant and long-lasting, thanks to the tie-rods keeping the surface smooth and the wind resistance.


Second-hand agricultural buildings: is it a worthwhile choice?

Many farmers decide to install an agricultural structure to increase production, based on its versatility in the farming and zootechnical sector.

Is it a good idea to buy a second-hand building?

Before answering this question, it is important to list advantages when installing an agricultural structure.
There are many benefits, including:

  1. installation speed;
  2. high versatility of structure;
  3. quality of materials used in the manufacturing;
  4. low maintenance;
  5. lower costs;
  6. high degree of customization.


All the advantages listed above are specific to a newly built structure.
. Concerning the installation speed, it is important to point out that a new structure has a curtain which has never been used before, so it is perfectly undamaged.

A second-hand agricultural building could have instead some defects, which could be revealed during the assembling phase. If one of the frame poles was damaged, the customer would have to buy another component, spending more money and extending assembly time. Damages could also affect the PVC curtain.

A newly built agricultural structure is more versatile and more customizable comparing to a second-hand building. A new building can be manufactured according to the specific needs of the customer, who could choose sizes, shapes and extras. A second-hand structure cannot be changed according to specific requirements.

Besides, it is possible to add some extras to the structures, including windows to ensure more natural daylight, necessary for both animals and plants; the lightning system, specific dividers and many other elements. When manufacturing a new structure, it is possible to choose the colour of the curtain and to place some logos on its surface, in order to give the structure a particular identity.

At last, buying a new structure has another advantage: there is no need to do maintenance works.

New agricultural buildings do not require extraordinary maintenance operations for a very long time after the installation, because the manufacturer provides high quality treatments. New agricultural curtains have to be cleaned and nuts and bolts have to be checked once a year.

Second-hand agricultural buildings could require maintenance works shortly after the first use. Since they have already been used from other owners, they may have been exposed to bad weather conditions, so nuts and bolts could be damaged and screws could be rusty.

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