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Tilting garage doors

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Tilting garage door options are many and varied, therefore allowing anyone to find the right solution to functionally close garages. We offer solutions that can meet each customer needs, both in terms of available space and location. The doors are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technologies that ensure maximum efficiency and safety, and the operating cycles are verified through a series of tests to which the door is regularly subjected. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to choose sheet metal tilt doors or doors with insulating panels. The latter option is able to guarantee the highest levels of thermal transmittance and optimal energy requalification of buildings.

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Tilting doors for garages

According to each need the garage door may be made of sheet metal or insulating panels.

The first option is a traditional garage door made of quality sheet metal, subjected to specific treatments to withstand intensive use as well as to maintain the original beauty.

On the other hand, doors with insulating panels are provided with panels and painted galvanized steel counter-frame for maximum thermal insulation.

According to individual need and taste, it is possible to choose between the automatic or the manual opening.

Manual or motorized tilting garage doors

The tilting garage door opening system can be manual or electric. The second option offers a series of advantages, among which stands out the ease of opening using a simple remote control or button.


The electric doors are very reliable and safe thanks to specific mechanisms able to stop the opening motion when necessary and therefore  limiting the risk of potential accidents.

Automation is recommended whenever the customer requires a door made of heavy materials; in this particular circumstance the door opening becomes very difficult if not supported by an electric system.

On the other hand, manual overhead garage doors are preferred to close a garage with a convenient and versatile solution. At the same time, it is suitable to protect vehicles or equipment that are hardly used.

Both closing solutions are comfortable and functional and they can preserve the style of the buildings to which they are applied, thanks to top-quality materials and advanced technologies.

Tilting garage doors – characteristics

These overhead garage doors have multiple advantages. In particular, a motorized garage door is equipped with an internal electrical system capable of responding to the remote control commands. They can be operated by either remote control or manually (useful when a power failure occurs).

In case of manual opening of the garage door, the assistance of an operator is required. Besides, customer can choose between sheet metal garage doors or insulating panels closing solutions, depending on the level of thermal insulation required.

The end-user may require the use of some specific materials, which can be of different nature. In both cases, the outer frame of the tilting door is self-supporting.

Operator Manual or motorized
Max clear passage L 5000 X H 2800 mm
Frame Self-supporting
Curtain Corrugated metal sheet or insulated panels
Safety CE 13241
Wind resistant Class 2

Why choose tilting garage doors

The choice of a closing solution for private garages is extremely important because it will protect cars and/or valuable objects stored inside.

The doors are manufactured according to advanced technologies, which allow the structure to maintain its functionality over time as well as the original design.

The panels come in solid and resistant materials previously subjected to specific treatments to avoid the risk of condensation.

Another reason for choosing a tilting door is the customization option. According to the end-user taste and requests, it is possible to define not only the door layout but also the color and other details to make the outside appearance of the building balanced and harmonious.

Accessories can be added, such as windows or pedestrian doors of the same pattern and color.

In some countries, it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing up-and-over doors for garages. For further information, please refer to local rules.

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