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Sliding fire doors

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Among a wide selection of industrial door, Giesse offers specific closing solutions for a safer working environment. In particular, the side sliding fire door is a versatile solution that combines exceptional fire resistance and a stylish contemporary design.

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Sliding fire retardant doors
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Sliding fire doors – application areas

The sliding door with a fire-resistance rating can apply to several sectors since it provides and maintains a high degree of safety within the building by isolating spaces.

They are particularly suitable for:

  1. Industrial buildings. Some production processes involve highly inflammable products or dangerous procedures; hence it is essential to protect workers and equipment through fire doors;
  2. Commercial activities. Business and commercial premises may require safe closing solution against flames;
  3. For both public and private garages, the fire door prevents potential damages deriving from fire;
  4. The fire-rated door separates the kitchen room for other spaces to avoid the risk of accidents;
  5. Food industry. Useful for those warehouses that gather foods, fire doors need to prevent the food properties alteration and protect materials from potential fires.

Our fireproof doors are suitable for private applications as well, thanks to the extreme safety provided, good quality of materials and innovative design.

Sliding fire retardant doors – technical characteristics

The door frame comes in galvanized steel metal, previously subjected to specific treatments to ensure performance over time, even with intensive use. The extreme resistance of the steel employed makes the door application suitable for both internal and external openings with maximum insulation.

These closing solutions against fire are the output of cutting-edge techniques. The self-closing mechanism comes into play through counterweights; two devices fulfil this task, the thermal fuse and the electromagnet.

These insulating closing solutions can fit easily almost any application. However, the door is made to measure in line with the customer’s requirements. Safety and efficiency are enhanced further through the automatic closing motion that activates in case of fire.

All the fire doors are marked with the CE logo and come with the relative certification. CE marking is a quality warranty that indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards.

Operator Automatical closing in case of fire
Max sizes L 5400 X H 5075 mm
Upper rail Metal rail
Lower rail No
Curtain Steel with internal fire resistant material
Windows No
Safety European regulation EN 1634-1
Installation Inside
Fire resistance El2120

Types of side sliding fire doors and customization

The customer may select a single-leaf fire door or a double-leaf fire door according to the opening dimensions. The single-leaf option matches narrow spaces and is used more frequently in private buildings to separate rooms of limited sizes.

On the other hand, the double leaf door seems to be the ideal solution for closing production departments and large warehouses exposed to fire risk.

Each closing solution takes the client’s necessity and desire into account. It will be the client itself to choose among a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, details and finishes to design a unique and tailormade solution.

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