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Sectional garage doors

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Sectional garage doors by Giesse are manufactured with excellent materials. They represent a reliable and durable solution for private home garages with the purpose of protecting cars and everything inside.

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Sectional doors for garages – characteristics

Garage sectional doors open vertically, sliding upwards. When a sectional door is completely open, it lays parallel to the ceiling and does not reduce the available space.

The motion mechanism can be manual or motorized, according to each customer’s necessity. Similarly, the customer is allowed to select the color of the sandwich panels that best match the exterior of the house as well as additional elements, such as pedestrian accesses.

Sectional garage doors – manufacturing

The door is made up of sandwich panels and a resistant press-bended steel frame; versatile and light materials enable a quick and easy installation.

The insulating power derives from specific polyurethane foams, which constitute the inner part of the panels; as soon as the foam starts to expand, it will play the double role of glue and sealant.

The frame comes with resistant steel side rails able to operate even if subjected to harsh wheatear conditions, e.g., strong winds, rain, snowfalls or high temperatures.

The seals are placed on both the steel structure and panels, through which the two door components  are connected, providing maximum safety.

According to each customer requirement, it is possible to choose between a manual or motorized opening system. The latter is more practical to use and conveys a more modern and stylish aspect to the building.

Sectional garage doors can also come with a separate pedestrian entrance that is useful for getting bikes and gardening equipment in and out of the garage without opening the main gate. A small access door of the same material and style perfectly fitting the building to which the sectional door is applied.

Operator Manual or motorized
Max clear passage L 6500 X H 3100 mm
Frame Press-folded sheet metal
Curtain Insulated panels 40 mm
Safety CE 13241
Wind resistant Class 2

Why choose sectional garage doors

The choice of a sectional door for garages allows its users to enjoy a number of benefits:

  • It ensures maximum protection over vehicles through a solid and resistant structure;
  • By choosing an automatic door, you can benefit from automation capable of withstanding intensive use;
  • The user may take full advantage of the product customization, both in terms of layout, colors and patterns and even the external material, which can be of different nature; we will support our customer in every step of the project;
  • The user can add extra elements  to give greater prestige to the garage door.

In some countries, it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing sectional doors for garages. For further information, please refer to local rules.

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