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Pvc buildings

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Giesse Logistics PVC buildings enable end-users to quickly and easily enlarge the warehouse available space, avoiding concrete structure construction and relative expansive costs and delays.

Temporary PVC buildings are convenient and functional for different industrial sectors.

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Pvc building technical details

Lateral hangar® is a PVC fabric building for extending a building laterally, running parallel to the wall through overhead and floor guide systems.

PVC buildings are durable and versatile. The lateral and top PVC fabric claddings have specific technical features, thanks to which the buildings can serve various functions.

It is possible to choose the type of closing mechanism depending on the customers’ desire:

  1. Sliding curtains manual closing system
  2. Speed roll-up doors
  3. Speed fold-up doors

The lateral side of the industrial tent, which connects directly to the main building warehouse, is supported by columns to increase safety and functionality.

Standard PVC temporary buildings are manufactured with a single roof slope even if a gable roof structure is available (with coverage profile if required) whenever there are specific landscape and architectural restraints.

Lateral hangars – application areas

This type of temporary building is a perfect solution to expand the sheltered space dedicated for production. Lateral hangars serve many different purposes:

  • Production department, as a direct consequence of rapid demand growth;
  • Work vehicles repository;
  • Space for waste generated during the production process to be isolated from other materials;
  • Commercial temporary building ideal for events or promotional items exhibitions;
  • Sheltered space for animals for farming;
  • Protection for crops;
  • Workshop for working equipment;
  • Leisure facilities for sports clubs.
Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Design EN 1990-1999 (Eurocodes) D.M. 17.01.2018 Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni-NTC
Size Depending on the project
Roof PVC fabric
Flushing Junction to existing building
Side walls Only on one side
Front walls Fixed or sliding curtains or high speed doors
Windows Translucent or crystal PVC
Access Made through steel frames
Fixing On concrete ground through anchor bolts

Lateral-hangar designed to expand your premises in width

The PVC structure flexibility results in a quick and easy installation consisting of assembling the durable galvanized steel structure; both the side walls and the wheels are made of galvanized steel to enable the curtains to slide.

A concrete foundation plate is necessary for the wheels to slide on a floor guide rail.

The PVC fabric sheet is specifically treated before the mounting to prevent condensation and humidity; the PVC curtain tension allows to withstand harsh climatic conditions and heavy weights.

PCV industrial tents are “custom made” buildings designed to meet the customer expectations.

It is possible to choose a specific opening and closing mechanism depending on the type of business, opting for the most functional one to operate smoothly. Besides opening and closing system options, clients may choose the color of the covering and decide whether to embed the company logo on it.

Other extra accessories could be added, such as the lighting system as well as some shelves for displaying advertisements and products in exhibitions.

In some countries it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing temporary buildings; for further information please refer to local rules.

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