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Giesse designs and manufactures all the components of a loading bay used in any warehouse logistic processes. Dock levelers are platforms specifically designed to facilitate the transit of goods between buildings and vehicles. To maximize the efficiency of loading and unloading procedures, Giesse supplies specific items for the loading points. This wide range of solutions is the result of a long and careful research process:

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Equipment necessary to facilitate goods handling

To facilitate cargo handling Giesse designs and manufactures dock levelers, isothermal dock shelters and industrial doors for loading bays. More precisely, the three elements mentioned above improve the logistic process of many businesses.

In particular, the structure proves to be fundamental in industrial sectors with frequent logistic flows, but also for commercial sectors.

Since the loading points should facilitate loading and unloading operations, different types of dock levelers are available: hinge/swing lip dock leveler, telescopic lip dock leveler and dock leveler with external frame.

All the dock leveler options offered by Giesse are made of solid and resistant materials that allow the structure to maintain its functionality over time, even with intensive use.

Isothermal dock shelters enable loading and unloading operations under bad weather conditions, taking advantage of their sealing cushions, sealants, suspended and ground dock shelters.

On the other hand, as far as industrial doors for loading bays are concerned, sectional overhead doors allow maximum space optimization.

Loading bays manufacture

The loading platform is used to make material handling more efficient between a building and a transportation vehicle. If the dock leveler is provided with the telescopic lip, even extreme loading and unloading performances can occur. Dock levelers offer great support to many sectors, such as food industry, large scale distribution and all those fields that deal with large quantities of goods.

In order to take full advantage of the available sheltered space within the warehouses, dock levelers with external free-standing frame turn out to be the ideal solution.

For companies that usually cope with sensitive goods susceptible to temperature fluctuations, isothermal dock shelters prove to be a good solution for an airtight connection between the bed of the vehicle and the warehouse. Dock shelters by Giesse meet all the requirements of refrigeration and conservation industries, where it is fundamental to maintain a constant temperature even during logistic processes.

Also, the PVC sealing cushions enable the loading bay to be tightly sealed during the loading and unloading operations.

Sectional doors are an additional helpful element to facilitate the logistic process because of the hermetic sealing ensured over each repository. For superior performances, the sectional doors can be connected with the dock levelers through the electric system, thus providing maximum safety for operators, limiting injuries. Sectional doors slide vertically upward, resulting in space savings.

Loading bays – installation and manufacture

All the items considered are manufactured with strong and durable materials. In particular, the steel material used for the structure frames is subjected to specific treatments to prevent corrosion, whereas the PVC fabric curtain is processed with special products that allow the panel to slide smoothly.

The PVC fabric mantle is extremely resistant to impacts, but it can also withstand inclement weather conditions. To meet even the highest expectations, our products are marked with CE logo and certification, ensuring conformity with the communitarian standards.

The end-user may take full advantage of the customization options in terms of components and size, allowing the customer to take part in the whole design process. Moreover, the client may decide whether to apply additional accessories, e.g., platforms, barriers, led traffic light, wheel guides and Jumbo bumpers.

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