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Insulated buildings

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Insulated metal constructions by Giesse represent the best choice to replace concrete buildings and turn out to be an affordable and functional solution with soundproofing and heat-insulating functions.

An additional advantage of steel buildings is the customization option to meet all the needs.

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Insulated buildings characteristics

Sandwich shelters are long-lasting insulated buildings that provide excellent thermal insulation and offers quick installation.

According to the demand, prefabricated steel construction may vary in size and shape. Besides, the customers may include additional elements to the structure such as windows, skylights and high-speed doors. More precisely, the doors can be:

  • High speed roll-up doors
  • High speed fold-up doors

The backbone of insulated buildings comes in galvanized steel with bolded seals specifically processed with corrosion protection. The structure is supplied with insulating panels and corrugated sheet metal.

Side and front walls are built with insulating panels and provided with sheet metal guttering to carry away the water when it rains.

Anchor bolts sunk into the foundation and snow barriers offers safety to the structure, enabling its construction practically everywhere.

Insulated buildings – application areas

Insulated metal buildings may serve several sectors due to their adaptability. Also, they can be tailor-made to increase its efficiency further. In particular, it seems to be useful if applied to the fields listed below:

  • Farming and agro-food: within this framework, Giesse steel sandwich-shelter® may provide protection over crops and fodder as well as storage for working equipment, vehicles and animals.
  • Industry: within the industrial framework, the steel building works as a production department extension, e.g. in cases of rapid demand growth, but also as shelters for loading and unloading operations.
  • Commerce: Steel buildings are widely used in the commercial and marketing sector, in which they play the role of an exhibition stand, sheltered spaces for commercial activities and so on.
Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Design EN 1990-1999 (Eurocodes) D.M. 17.01.2018 Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni-NTC
Size Depending on the project
Roof Insulated sandwich panels with double corrugated sheet
Guttering Press-bended channels for rainwater collection
Side walls Insulated sandwich panels
Front walls Insulated sandwich panels
Windows Translucent polycarbonate windows
Access Made through steel frames
Fixing On concrete ground through anchor bolts
Safety Fall arrest lifeline on roof and snow stop bar

Why choose sandwich-shelter®

Sandwich-shelter® is a good choice when in need of additional available sheltered space. The structure’s insulating power allows maintaining the internal temperature necessary to keep warm operators and goods, avoiding damages to products.

Sandwich panels building proves to be the best solution for businesses and premises located in mountain areas or regions with harsh winters and strong wind.

The insulation provided by the sandwich panels enables goods not to suffer from temperature fluctuations. Thus, the building is confirmed to be particularly suitable for those businesses that have to deal with fresh products and consequently require big warehouses with controlled temperature.

Prefabricated steel buildings ensure noise insulation even during the loudest working performances, thanks to the sandwich panels. The latter is responsible for taking the acoustic waves down and reducing acoustic pollution.

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