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Industrial Doors

Industrial sectional doors

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Industrial sectional doors by Giesse include a large number of solutions that operates through a vertical closing system: a sequence of connected panels that opens vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling, providing maximum space inside and in front of the building.

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Sectional doors – applications

Industrial sectional doors can fit a variety of industrial applications and are suitable to be applied to warehouses and storage rooms. At the same time, they optimize space and loading/unloading operations of large logistic centers.

This type of industrial door brings many advantages to its users, such as versatility and resistance against strong winds. Top-quality materials provide for the structure extreme durability, thus able to resists break-in attempts and perform exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation.

When a sectional door is open completely, it will lay parallel to the ceiling and does not take up the available maneuvering space.

The combination of all these distinctive features, allow the application of sectional doors in many different sectors, which normally require large warehouses, buildings and storage rooms:

  1. Industrial sector;
  2. Food sector;
  3. Agri-food sector;
  4. Commercial sector.

Industrial sectional doors – technical characteristics

The door press-bended steel frame and the insulated panels create the perfect closing system for many companies that can benefit from temperature maintenance and functionality.

The set of physical components allows the motion of the door and are protected through resistant seals. The sectional door is provided with springs on the shaft, necessary for balancing the mantle.

The insulating sandwich panels stand out for their resistance and advanced functionality, and they can withstand wind up to class 2.

Capable of reaching an opening speed of 0,3 m/s, the rapid door is responsible for speeding up logistic operations and easing the work.

Sectional closing solutions can be fitted in every door opening (whether large or narrow) and can close hermetically larger and smaller buildings or warehouses.

Operator Manual or motorized
Max sizes L 6000 X H 5000 mm
Frame Pressed sheet metal
Curtain Insulated panels 40 mm
Shaft Supported by brackets
Motor Lateral
Safety CE 13241
Speed 0,3 m/s
Side of installation Inside
Wind resistence Class 2

Steel-sector® – installation and manufacture

STEEL-Sector® steel sectional doors are the modern and functional solution for closing spaces. The insulated panels are connected to each other by hinges that allow the segmentation of the mantle and its following vertical or horizontal collocation.

Both large and small sectional steel doors maintain their efficiency over time regardless of the intensive use.

According to each individual requirement, the opening mechanism may be manual or motorized. If motorized, the motor is placed laterally for additional safety.

An automatic opening system is always a good option when used intensively, especially in those situations in which the fast-acting door should encourage the smooth running of working operations. For the automatic sectional door to open, just a remote control is necessary.

The door’s insulating panels offer an optimal environmental separation which allows the goods stored to preserve their status. The insulating power derives from specific polyurethane foams that constitute the inner part of the panels; as soon as the foam starts to expand, it will play the double role of glue and sealant.

The sandwich panels provide thermal and acoustic insulation by preventing temperature variations that could interfere with the goods’ maintenance process. The door, with its innovative concept, turns out to be energy-efficient and leads to cost reductions.

Steel-Sector® sectional closing option by Giesse can be fitted in every garage door opening for private use.

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