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Industrial Doors

Industrial folding doors

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Industrial folding doors by Giesse are an ideal closing solution for many industrial applications. Thanks to the material strength and durability, the folding doors are marked by exceptional weather resistance. Versatile whatever the application area, the door closes even the larger opening with an unwavering service.

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Multiple uses of side folding door

Durable and reliable materials allow the application of side-folding doors in almost any fields of economy. Very often used in the industrial sector, many warehouses, factories and sheds require such an effective seal. It can also match any interior designed for offices or other business departments.

Size options allow the structure to fit almost any application in a wide range of sector such as:

  • Food and agri-food sector: Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products need to be stored. The folding door is practical to close fodder and crops storages, whereas the food sector may adapt the door to supermarkets and large-scale distribution centers.
  • Commerce;
  • Airport and shipbuilding industry.


Folding doors manufacture

They are manufactured in press-bended metal sheet, and the insulating panels provide both thermal and acoustic insulation, in compliance with the safety European rules . One or more wings may benefit from the side-folding mechanism in order to reduce footprint.

For all those businesses requiring a brighter operating environment, windows are a valuable energy-efficient option.

The installation is easy to complete because of the light materials used for both structure and leaves. PVC Brushes can be added to the lower part of the frame to maximize soundproofing, dustproofing and temperature maintenance.

Advanced manufacturing methods enable this closing solution to take shape in different sizes (for both frame and wings).

Operator Manual
Max clear passage L 11000 X H 6000 mm
Upper rail Metal rail
Lower rail No
Curtain Insulated with polyurethane foam, thickness 52 mm
Windows Available
Safety CE 13241
Installation Inside / Outside
Wind resistance Class 2

Advantages of Industrial folding doors:

The door is individually made-to-measure, and the customer is allowed to choose size, color, details and additional accessories. Among accessories, windows may significantly improve the visibility inside the room so that workers may operate comfortably.

Customers can select from a wide range of colors and finishes. The correct design process carried out together with clients enables the development of a product that combines functionality and aesthetic.

Another advantage is the optimal temperature control that comes from the installation of the folding door. The insulating panels keep the warehouse at a constant temperature, particularly important within the food sector that requires cold storage and coolers to avoid temperature fluctuations. Extremely important to prevent deterioration of goods and materials, the folding door establishes itself as an energy-efficient solution resulting in substantial cost and energy savings.

The folding closing solution benefits from the durability of materials and easy operations resulting from specific research and development processes. The door longevity is guaranteed by the high quality of the materials involved, and only small maintenance works are required if opening and closing operations occur frequently.

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