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Giesse offers “tailor-made” closing solutions adaptable to a variety of industrial facilities. Industrial doors by Giesse stand out for the exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation against temperature variations and loud noises. Goods, raw materials and products can thus be safely stored in your sealed warehouse or garage.

Side-folding doors are rigid industrial doors suitable for sheds and buildings of medium and large sizes. Industrial shutters, on the other hand, may fit small and medium-sized compartments, whereas the vertical opening of sectional doors is ideal in terms of versatility and space optimization. Also, fire doors work as a fast-acting barrier against flames. For private use, Giesse manufactures sectional and up-and-over garage doors that provide protection over vehicles and belongings.

industrial doors
fire rated doors
Sliding fire retardant doors
fireproof closing solution
sectional doors for garages by giesse

A wide range of industrial doors

Businesses can select the ideal closing solution for buildings and warehouses between side-folding doors, industrial roller shutters and industrial sectional doors.

Folding doors are made of sandwich panels of different dimensions, depending on the building to which they will be applied. The wings movement may occur on a single side or both, according to each customer request.

If the compartment to be closed is small, then the vertical roller shutter is probably the ideal solution due to its greater insulation.

As for the sectional doors, the vertical sliding motion and the customization options make the closing system suitable for several applications.

Our wide range of industrial doors includes fire doors. A fire door is made of glass thus sun rays  can come through and light up the whole space.

Durability and safety being our primary concerns, we offer sectional overhead garage doors or up-and-over garage doors. Your car and tools are now safe from vandalism and weather.

We offer our customers full service support starting from the design stage; industrial doors can be made as big as necessary to best suit each application.

Manufacture: top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology

Industrial doors are designed with durable and robust materials to resists break-in attempts as well as to withstand inclement weather conditions.

Guides and structures of overhead sectional doors and folding doors are of press-bended sheet metal, whose main qualities are robustness and lightness at the same time.

Opening and closing mechanisms (whether vertical or lateral) are supported by an innovative technological system responsible for the door activity, even after intensive use.

Industrial doors manage to withstand strong wind up to Class 2, enabling its installation in any areas, whatever the climate. Also, wind force, heavy rains and consistent snowfalls are no longer a problem. The sectional door has a spring unit placed in the headroom that makes the opening and closing extremely easy and light.

Giesse industrial doors are individually designed and manufactured to suit specific openings. Size, shape, colors and opening mechanism are selected together with the customer to provide the perfect closing system. Windows and a wide range of additional elements are available.

Industrial doors – application areas

Highly versatile, industrial doors may serve several purposes in a wide range of sectors:

  • Industrial sector. It is essential for industrial businesses to keep the correct temperature within their warehouses and storages. Many industries can benefit from the insulating properties of the industrial doors, preventing damages and deterioration that potential temperature variations may cause, e.g., food&beverage, agri-food, pharmaceutical industries.
  • Commerce. All the activities related to the commercial sector may take full advantage of the door strength and durability.
  • Private buildings. Useful to close private home garages.

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