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Fireproof glass doors

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The range of fire doors by Giesse involves fire-resistant glass doors. Their CE marking is a quality warranty that indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards. All our fireproof glass door are customizable to create new solutions and meet the requirements of the buildings.

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Why choose fire-resistant glass doors or windows

The first step against the dispersion of flames and smoke is an appropriate fireproof closing solution with extreme heat resistance. These specific doors must keep the environment insulated from the rest of the building and prevent a rise in temperature in adjacent rooms.

To accomplish its objective, the door must be designed and manufactured properly. Indeed, the glass used in traditional windows and closing options is not enough to face fires. The stratified glasses are made with a special intumescent gel, which, in case of fire, mattes and creates an isolating shield against heat and smoke, as long as it is granted by its resistance class.

The fireproof glass doors and windows are made of steel profiles and glass, which gives transparency, exposure and visibility. A blend of top-quality materials that turns into a versatile solution for safeness and fire prevention.

Types of fireproof glass doors

The stratified glasses may occur in windows as well as doors that open manually. The first is the perfect solution to light up a given environment without compromising on safety. Whereas the fire-resistant glass doors are used to close doorways, and their manual opening system is ideal not to limit the transition.

All the fireproof closing solutions are suitable to be applied in a variety of sectors and may be enriched with additional aesthetic elements.

Fire resistance

Fire resistance of materials is quantified through fire-resistance rating. Fire resistance rating is typically determined by measuring the ability of a passive fire protection material or assembly to withstand a standard fire resistance test. If the rating is 30, so a period of fire resistance of 30 minutes occurs, and so on.

While time ratings vary, standard ratings include 30- to 90-minute doors. Doors with 120 minutes’ fire resistance are more common in large and commercial buildings than in residential structures, considering potential mass evacuations.

Aluminium profiles encounter stratified glass to match both functional and aesthetic requirement. The refined design of the door makes it suitable also for charming environments. Thus, without affecting the aesthetic and architectural aspect, it can perform the fire-retardant function

Operator Manual with door closer
Max sizes L 2500 X H 2740 mm
Perimeter frame In aluminium
Laminated glass Supplied separately to install on site
Leaf / Leaves In aluminium and glass
Safety European regulation EN 1634-1
Fire resistant El2 30 / 60 / 90 / 120

Fireproof glass doors and windows

Functional for a large number of applications, fire-retardant glass doors can match almost any sector:

  1. Industrial sector;
  2. Commercial sector;
  3. Food&Beverage sector.

Besides the fields mentioned above, this type of fire door is extremely useful in other buildings such ad schools, public establishments, stores, cinemas, theaters, museums, malls, hotels, hospitals and research centers.

The application of a fire-resistant glass door is a valuable option for all those buildings that require a brighter environment for operating.

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