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Fire doors

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Among all the responsibility, companies need to provide protection over the whole buildings from flames in case of fire. Fire doors by Giesse are tested and certified to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Unlike other closing solutions, a fire door is specifically designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke. The door protects the building and its contents, but also all the escape routes so that people can evacuate safely.

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Fire doors – application areas

The fire-retardant door is suitable for countless applications. The fire resistance performed by the door is fundamental in:

  1. Theatres, cinemas, leisure centers and many other crowded places require a fire door to prevent severe damages and injuries in case of fire; the fire door avoids fire and smoke dispersion and helps people evacuating safely.
  2. Malls and Hotels. A high degree of safety over visitors is required
  3. Private and Public bureau
  4. Manufacturing industry. In some industries, the production processes involve highly inflammable products or dangerous procedures; hence it is essential to protect workers and equipment with fire doors.

The fireproof solution can match any interior, including private homes and buildings that wish to improve safety.

Fire doors (EI) characteristics

Fire-rated doors are capable of withstanding extremely high temperature. The door stands out for resistance and functionality, even with intensive use over time.

There are several options depending on the performance of fire doors. Project-specific requirements and specifications apply in the field of fire safety.

In general, fire-resisting doors open manually and come without windows. The external frame is provided with solid and resistant press-bended sheet metal. The fire door is connected to the frame through the triple hinge for a fast and easy opening.

The top-of-the-range service enables both external and internal applications. The external fire doors may occur in areas subjected to harsh wheatear conditions, e.g. strong winds, rain, snowfalls or high temperature.

All the fire doors are marked with the CE logo and come with the relative certification. CE marking is a quality warranty that indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards.

Operator Manual
Max sizes L 2600 X H 2650 mm
Frame Metal sheet with triple hinge
Leaf / Leaves Thickness 65 mm planar to the frame
Windows Not standard, available 300 X 400 mm
Safety European regulation EN 1634-1
Installation Inside / Outside
Fire resistance El260, El2120

Why choose fire resisting doors

Doors that increase fire safety are the best passive fire protection devices. They can be of different materials and adaptable to many buildings without altering the architectural design.

Doors of this type ensure a large number of benefits such as:

  • Maximum protection due to an increased fire resistance capacity. Protection is provided by materials used for the frame and the panel;
  • Various levels of endurance. A wide range of doors with different degree of fire resistance is available. In particular, it is possible to opt for 60 minutes or 120 minutes fire rated doors. The second option is preferred for large buildings or blocks;
  • Time resistant automatic closing system. When the fire breaks, the automatic closing system is to be considered an element of fundamental importance to stop the spread of flames and smoke fumes.

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