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Loading Bays

Loading dock seals

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A flexible loading dock seal ensures environmental separation and temperature control and facilitates the loading and unloading of goods. It is versatile and can apply to all those sectors that regularly deal with logistic; it protects goods and personnel from external agents.

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Why use dock shelters

Dock shelters are widely used in many sectors such as the industrial, food and commercial sectors, but it turns out to be helpful also to those facilities that cope with regular transit of goods and workers (e.g. large scale distribution centers)

A loading dock seal also leads to maximum energy savings. Actually, large-scale distribution companies are often asked to make significant investments in order to maintain the temperature steady and controlled within the buildings. These investments would be useless if the warehouses were not properly sealed, resulting in significant economic loss due to the deterioration of goods and the increase in energy costs.

The flexible loading dock seal represents a possible cost-saving solution.

Types of loading dock shelter

Depending on the necessities, Giesse supplies both loading dock seal and L-shaped dock shelter.

Both structures bear the CE mark because they are manufactured in compliance with the current regulation. The two structures have different characteristics.

In particular, isothermal dock shelter features two important elements that affect the product efficiency: wheels and pantographs.

The wheels are made of nylon, a material that stands out for its high resistance. The pantographs, on the other hand, are space-saving and allow workers to cross the platform easily.

The self-supporting structure of the dock seal is made of galvanized steel tubes, while the curtain (class 2 wind resistant) is made of a solid double coated PVC fabric, treated with specific products in order to maintain its original beauty. Both front and side synthetic rubber flaps are highly resistant to abrasion.

The L-shaped dock seal consists of a galvanized steel structure and a PVC fabric sheet. The product  is manufactured in accordance to the current regulations.

The structures are equipped with a signal system consisting of yellow and grey arrows to enhance the safety degree. They are conceived to facilitate maneuvers of the vehicles involved in loading and unloading operations.


Size W 3400X H 3500X2800+650 - W 3400XH 3500X3500+650
Frame Self-supporting made of hot-dip galvanized tubular steel, with uprights connected by pantograph bars
Wheels Bearing plastic wheels
Curtain PVC fabric (classe II-900 gr/sqm)
Frontal flaps Side flaps (L 700 mm) and upper flap (H 1,000 mm), 3 mm thickness
Sign Yellow indication color for facilitating vehicle maneuvers


Size W 3400 X H 4500 60° - W 3400 X H 4500 90°
Frame Self-supporting made of hot-dip galvanized tubular steel, with uprights connected by pantograph bars
Wheels Bearing plastic wheels
Arms Lateral scissor arms which gives flexibility to the structure
Curtain PVC self-extinguishing class II
Frontal flaps Side and top in PVC with high abrasion resistance
Sign Yellow indication color for facilitating vehicle maneuvers

Advantages of loading dock seals

The dock seal protects the goods stored inside the warehouse by maintaining the correct temperature and facilitates loading and unloading.

If the building is not perfectly sealed, adverse atmospheric agent and contaminants such as insects and small animals can enter the internal environment.

The benefits of dock seals installation include:

  • Increased comfort and safety for personnel;
  • Clean environment, both in terms of the amount of dust present and the quality of the breathing air;
  • Reduction of damages deriving from contamination by weather and animals;
  • Greater control over the loading dock;
  • Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Less energy consumption and lower energy bills.

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