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Why choose Giesse

To avoid running into obvious questions and answers that are hard to believe – such as why can we offer you the best product at the best price? – let’s try to answer another question that defines Giesse S.p.A. more fully:

Why rely on Giesse?

 And why rely rather than trust?

Because to rely on someone means to take directions from someone you can trust, handing over responsibilities with full awareness of the counterpart’s attention and care.

Choosing Giesse S.p.A. means relying on a team of qualified technicians able to identify and analyse the logistical and organizational requirements of a company. Moreover, the experts will help the customer defining the best technological solution to meet all the needs.

The support provided by our company does not only correspond to the identification of a product. Indeed, over the years Giesse S.p.A. has embraced specific policies that consider customer satisfaction the main focus, not only by offering the right solution at a reasonable price but also by providing assistance before and after sale.

Our added value


The technical office provides the architectural drawings and/or renderings to be used as illustrative documentation, providing support to the professional in charge of the preliminary investigation and the eventual town planning practice.


Many companies promise very fast delivery times, which they often fail to respect, becoming defaulters. With Giesse S.p.A. industrial buildings and rapid doors will be available in a few weeks.


It is often fundamental for the customer to defer payment or finance the purchase through credit institutions or rental service.


The product warranty is a consumer right. For this reason, over the years, Giesse has created a dedicated fund that is not part of ordinary financial management.

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Temporary Buildings

Temporary Buildings are structures that provide protection and shelter over an open space and expand the working area without requiring construction work. Thanks to their versatility, they can be dismantled and moved to another area when required, free from complex bureaucratic procedures for their installation. As far as technical characteristics are concerned, our buildings have a strong and resistant steel structure, which is able to resist over time even with intensive use and adverse weather conditions. The structure is made up of modules installed on site, using plates and bolts specifically treated to resist against rust and condensation. The roof is made of a PVC sheet; the intrinsic peculiarities of the material guarantee the product’s efficiency since they provide resistance to water and fire as well as insulation (the insulation degree depends on the thickness).

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Temporary buildings by Giesse are very versatile and easily customizable. In particular, windows can be added (providing natural light inside the structure) but also internal lights, sliding doors, partitions and much more.

Another striking option is the curtain. The customer is allowed not only to select the most suitable colour but also to add logos, slogans or brand names to make the structure unique.

Due to a wide range of size options the structure can be used in many different sectors such as:

  • Aeronautical industries. The temporary building can play the role of a hangar;
  • Sports. The building turns into a covered playing field or a sports hall. Temporary buildings for sports can be designed according to need so that to be used also as a football pitch or space for events, whatever the time of the year.

In addition to these two sectors, PVC mouvable structures are very useful in the manufacturing sector, in particular:

  1. Industrial sector. The building can work as an extension of the production department for a certain time or all year around;
  2. Food and agri-food sector. Useful as a repository for products but also as a shelter for crops or livestock;
  3. Pharmaceutical and hospitals;
  4. Commercial sector;

In addition, the product can be used as a storage for working equipment and tools in any industrial field as well as a warehouse to gather products and materials (details may change depending on the applications).

The installation of a PVC mouvable pavilion brings many advantages: first and foremost the speed of assembly, which generally takes a maximum of 60 days. In some countries, it is possible to get tax reduction by choosing temporary buildings; for further information please refer to local laws and regulations. Another advantage is the high versatility of the structure which can be suitable for different sectors.

The ease of installation means that the structure may also be built in difficult areas and on steep slopes without affecting the product functionality at all. When the temporary structure is no longer required, it can be dismantled and removed (or simply moved) easily.

A further advantage is the high degree of customization. Depending on the customer’s requirements, it is possible to install a motor for easy opening as well as windows, doors, wheels and anything else that can facilitate operations.