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Loading Bays

Dock shelters

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Giesse designs and manufactures isothermal dock shelters for loading bays equipped with all the necessary elements. Dock shelters are ideal structures for safe logistic procedures that occur between warehouses and vehicles. A loading point usually consists of a dock leveler, an industrial door and a dock shelter.

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Characteristics of dock shelters

The product provides adequate protection over the vehicle when it is docked at the platform for loading and unloading. Thanks to the excellent quality of the materials and the durable frame, the shelter is designed to soften the impact caused by incorrect maneuvers.

Among its qualities and functionalities, the dock shelter provides protection over goods which is a valuable advantage when handling sensitive goods that must not suffer temperature changes and must be well preserved against atmospheric agents. In addition, the tool protects the personnel involved in the loading and unloading operations by facilitating handling of the goods.

All the dock shelters have been specially designed so that the impact of the docking vehicle will not affect the integrity of buildings and equipment.

The end-user can choose between the hanging isothermal dock shelter and the ground-level isothermal dock shelter, which differ in their positioning.


This type of dock shelter can be incorporated into the wall of the warehouse, perfectly fitting the edges of the platform. It is equipped with a PVC flexible top curtain and suspended swinging bars and does not necessitate resting on a base.


This type of dock shelter requires a different installation since it is fixed to the wall, but it also rests on the ground. The vehicle approaches the building thanks to the synthetic rubber front flaps, whereas pantographs and wheels guarantee flexibility during the vehicles docking process.

Both the hanging and the ground level frames are considered perfect solutions to properly seal the loading point and provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Maximum safety is guaranteed by a signal system with which the frontal flaps are equipped, whose optical signals (gray and yellow arrows) facilitate the vehicle maneuvers.

Isothermal dock shelter: use

The main purpose of the product is to facilitate the logistic operation. Because of its nature, it can fit almost any sector:

  • The industrial sector, which is characterized by frequent transit of goods and materials, requires robust and durable equipment to streamline logistic operations.
  • The food sector usually deals with highly sensitive goods. It is of extreme importance to seal the doorway of the premises and ensure maximum thermal insulation.
  • Commercial sector. As for industries, frequent loading and unloading operations require the right equipment to be carried out.


STD. wall size W 3380 X H 3340 X 650 mm
Arms Lateral scissor arms which give flexibility to the structure
External curtain PVC fabric self-extinguishing CL.II
Lateral and upper flaps PVC with high abrasion resistance
Sign Grey signs


STD. ground size W 3400 X H 4500 X 1000 mm
Wheels Frontal nylon wheels
Arms Lateral scissor arms which give flexibility to the structure
External curtain PVC fabric self-extinguishing CL.II
Lateral and upper flaps PVC with high abrasion resistance
Sign Yellow signs

Installation methods of dock shelters

Dock shelters by Giesse consist of a galvanized steel support structure. The material used is solid and resistant, but at the same time of extreme lightness. The lightness of the material allows quick and easy installation and promotes its preservation over time, even if subjected to adverse weather conditions.

The side and the top curtains are made of self-extinguishing PVC fabric with tear-resistant and scratch-resistant properties. The PVC fabric is treated with specific products for maximum resistance to abrasion.

The products are equipped with swinging arms and wheels that give the whole structure greater flexibility.

The sheet has a class-two wind resistance rating and is equipped with a light system to prevent potential accidents.

Size, shape and colours can be decided by the customer according to individual needs.

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