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Loading Bays

Dock leveler with free-standing frame

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When it is not possible to build external walls or concrete blocks near the openings, the installation of an external loading platform by Giesse Logistica can be of great help for storage.

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Application areas and functions

Our loading platforms with external frame are designed together customers, who will select both shapes and configurations opting for the layout that best suits their needs and use.

The structure includes a hydraulic slanted platform with manual control. The materials used for the manufacturing are of high quality; more precisely, the mezzanine floor consists of a metal structure.

The product offers a number of advantages and applies to different areas. Since the main function of the dock leveler is to facilitate loading and unloading operations, it is often used in the industrial sector. Also, those industries that carry out their logistic operations using lorries, railway wagons, and vehicles may benefit from the dock leveler with external frame because of its ability to level differences in height between the bed of the container and the surface of the warehouse.

The product is extremely helpful also to the food industry, where many containers of goods and semi-finished products must be stored with a certain frequency.

Main characteristics

The dock leveler with free-standing frame is designed and manufactured according to the each customer specific instructions. They can decide the main elements of the product such as handles and docking chains that further facilitate the logistic process.

The ramp features a metal platform and other components of top-qualities materials that will be able to withstand high loads, while the barriers prevent falls of workers, equipment and goods.

One of the most important features of the product is its small footprint; the loading point located outside the building does not adversely affect the interior environment, leading to space optimization.

The self-supporting structure is made of steel, but it is possible to cover the surface with a light PVC sheet or with insulated panels for maximum thermal insulation.

The structure can also be equipped with further elements (side walkways and adjustable feet) or finished through different processes (galvanization).

All the ramps used for the loading bays are functional for several other applications, thus allowing the customer to have a highly versatile and functional element and save money.

Manufacturing methods

The installation does not require any special external work, as the structure is easy and quick to assemble.

As the loading ramp is integrated into the structure, it does not need to be mounted separately and the height of the platform can be adjusted according to each customer specification.

The height of approximately 1,200 mm is therefore adjustable. Although the structure is easy to assemble, it can withstand very high loads, up to about 6,000 kg.

The product is assembled and installed within one day and does not require any further work.

Sizes 2000 X 2500 mm / 2000 X 3000 mm
Scaffold height Adjustable ~ 1200 mm H
Capacity 6000 Kg - UNI EN 1398
Level selection Integrated to the structure
Structure width Depending on the dock leveler
Safety Following European regulation


This dock leveler with external frame not only is useful for extreme performances but also brings many other advantages to its users:

  • Greater safety for workers during operations;
  • Greater safety for goods and materials during loading and unloading processes avoiding stresses;
  • Greater work speed. Storage workers can operate quickly and more efficiently;
  • Maximum versatility. The project-based configuration allows the customer to define all the characteristics of the structure, deciding whether to add additional elements;
  • Low maintenance thanks to a solid and resistant structure.

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