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Cushion seals

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Cushion seals or dock seals are structures that allow vehicles to rest against the walls of warehouses and buildings at the platform level. They ensure the best possible connection and facilitate fast and functional loading and unloading procedures.

Iso Dock® cushion dock seal by Giesse is a perfect solution for temperature-controlled warehouses and cold room storages.

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Application areas of dock seals

Sealing cushions provide great support for those logistic operations that necessitate a platform for loading and unloading goods. Its application is also functional to those environments characterized by a big difference between the internal and the external temperature.

The horizontal cushion is adjustable in height: it can be lowered and raised depending on the dimensions of the vehicle. In particular, Giesse Iso Dock® sealing cushion is a perfect solution for temperature-controlled warehouses and cold room storages since it is capable of minimizing temperature fluctuations.

The product can fit many applications and environments characterized by continuous loading and unloading operations. It is also suitable for all those sectors where it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature to preserve goods.

Iso dock® manufacturing methods

Padding is made of soft polyurethane foam and the cover is PVC; these two materials avoid the risk of damage to the transport vehicles.

All the structures are manufactured in accordance with the current regulation and are therefore CE approved.

Both the top and the side cushions are padded in order to facilitate logistic operations, even with larg size trucks .

STD. size W 2900 X H 3100 X 270 mm
Frame Galvanized steel
Padding Expanded Polyurethane
External leaf PVC 700 gr/sqm
Frontal flap Non-slip system
Sign Yellow signs

Functionality of dock pads

The quality and lightness of the materials allow safe and superior performances. Sizes and materials of the elements that constitute the cushion are specifically designed to ensure durability with intensive use, being resistant to wear and tear.

Furthermore, the softness of the cushions also prevent the vehicles to get damaged by either the side or the top wall, regardless of the truck height. Indeed, the shape and the colour of the product can be selected by the customer according to individual needs. A wide range of colour shades is available so that the end-user can choose the one that best matches the building to which it will be applied, preserving its style and design.

In addition, the dock shelter presents a set of frontal flaps that guarantees maximum protection and adherence to the vehicle.

Depending on the needs of each customer, it is also possible to choose either permanent or removable cushions; the latter type is perfect when working with trucks of different heights.

The trailer compresses into the foam pads when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumpers, forming a seal around three sides of the trailer. In addition, this type of structure also seals the spaces between the passage and the sides of the vehicle, providing maximum protection for people, goods and equipment.

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