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Car shelters

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Giesse Car-Cover® provides shelter to cars, vans and other vehicles. According to individual requirements, the client may select between shading structures, snow resistant roofs and bicycle shelters.
The strong and durable materials employed in the manufacturing are a guarantee of ongoing protection over vehicles, resisting to both sun and hail throughout the year. It is the corrugated sheet metal has the right thickness to withstand the strong snow load . When the roof comes in a PVC fabric sheet, the tight tension ensures the fabric to maintain the same position as time passes.
Vehicle shelters are the ideal option for those businesses that welcome large numbers of clients and require covered parking structures to protect guest vehicles. Similarly, they are adaptable to several other activities such as supermarkets or shops that have a continuous stream of visitors.
Carport shade canopies occur in high-quality materials: more precisely, the self-supporting structure comes in galvanized steel covered with polyethylene fabric, whose permeability to sunlight is over 90%. It is possible to ask for an outdoor car shelter that perfectly fits the available space by personalizing the canopies in size and shape.
Another good version of Car-Cover® by Giesse is the snow resistant roof, which maintains the same steel frame as the carport shade structure. However, its cantilevered roof comes in a corrugated sheet able to withstand heavy snow loads.

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Vehicles shelters: characteristics of shade structures

Carport shade structures are shelters for cars manufactured with top-quality and durable materials. More precisely, the structure comes with a galvanized outline, while its installation gets completed by using anchor bolts.

The galvanized steel used in manufacturing undergoes specific treatments to prevent corrosion, allowing the shelter to preserve both quality and original appearance for a considerable time.

The PVC sheet may provide shading up to 90% and, together with other strong materials, allow the vehicle not to get damaged from climate extremes such as harmful UV rays and hailstones.

The versatility of sun cover structures is further enhanced through the available color options, offering clients the opportunity to ask for a unique and tailor-made solution. Moreover, it is possible to expand the structure and the sheltered space through additional blocks.

Installation of carport shade structure

The installation of the car canopy is easy and quick, and no particular expertise is required. The parking shade structure comes with:

  1. Steel frame;
  2. Sunshade net, stretched tightly to avoid snow accumulation;
  3. Strong galvanized nuts and bolts for maximum safety;
  4. Anchoring components;

For the sunshade structures to operate, the first step is to pour a concrete foundation for the anchoring, while nuts and bolts are involved in the building process. The reasonable weight of the steel frame does not require cranes support or trained operators for its construction.

The outdoor shade canopies do not require any extraordinary maintenance work but routine actions and regular cleaning with specific detergent products. Moreover, if the structure needs to be removed, treatments with specific anti-rust agents are highly recommended.

Snow resistant roof

It is of extreme importance to provide protection over cars, vans and other vehicles to prevent damage that could derive even from snow, other than hail and rains. As a matter of fact, since the car shelter could suffer from heavy snow loads, Giesse offers snow resistant roofing.


No skills and expertise are required to complete the shelter installation since it comes with all the elements needed for the mounting. As far as the snow resistant canopy is concerned, it has to be secured to the ground with anchoring bolts and covered with the sheet metal roof. The lightweight steel allows an easy and independent installation with no particular difficulties.

Cycle shelters

Shelters for bicycles and motorbikes are of smaller sizes since they have to cover less bulky vehicles. Nevertheless, just as the previously mentioned item, they are built to handle heavy snow load thanks to the sheet metal roof and the galvanized steel frame.

The durability and the high quality of the materials allows good protection against severe weather conditions that may damage the vehicles, such as hailstorms and snowfalls.

The modular structure of the shelter allows to select various shapes and/or sizes according to the need. By connecting blocks, the canopy widens and protects a large number of vehicles.

Cycles shelter installation

Cycle canopies’ installation process starts by building the galvanized steel self-standing frame, and then comes the corrugated sheet metal roof, able to withstand heavy snow loads. The cantilever structure, is supplied with guttering that facilitates the water flow and end the snow melting process.

Cycle shelters are the ideal solution for those businesses that cannot benefit from a large parking space, such as rest areas, small shops, beach resorts, small restaurants etc. etc.


Size L 5000 X H 5100 mm
Structure Hot dip galvanized round tubular profiles
Fixing With anchor bolts or anchors
Snow load No
Roof Permeable net 90%
Available Version Mono / Side / Dual


Size L 5000 X H 5200 mm
Structure Welded sheet metal and hot-dip galvanized
Fixing With anchor bolts or holding bolts
Snow load
Roof Corrugated sheet or sandwich panels
Available Version Mono


Size L 5000 X H 2650 mm
Structure Hollow profiles
Fixing With anchor bolts or holding bolts
Snow load Yes
Roof Corrugated sheet or sandwich panels
Available Version Side

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